Shopping addiction or Shopaholic

Shopaholic is excessive shopping and buying things even if they are not necessary. Many researches prove that the addiction is not due to the shopping itself but it is due to addiction to the feeling that shopping gives.

What are the signs of shopping addiction?

  • Spending more than what you afford.
  • Shopping whenever you feel stressed out or depressed.
  • Spending more time with shopping than you spend with people and family.
  • Losing control over what you buy.
  • Buying unnecessary things many times.
  • Losing control over your time management due to spending many.

Usually shopaholics suffer from anxiety and mostly spend a lot of time to buy 1 item but they don’t like it when they get home.

How to manage shopping addiction?

  • Reduce your shopping frequency.
  • Reduce the time that you take during shopping.
  • Don’t spend a lot of money.
  • Don’t buy anything you like if you know it’s not necessary.
  • Try new things that you like to do when you are free instead of shopping.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

JULY 4, 2020 BY Dr.